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Guide to Baby Skin Care: 5 Most effective steps for a daily skin care routine for your baby

It is well-accepted that the best skin we ever had was as a baby. At that time, it was our mother who took care of our skin and it glowed and radiated good health. However, a baby is not born with the best of skin. A mother needs to nurture and care for it constantly to ensure that it stays healthy and free from any afflictions. Baby skin care can be a difficult task show read the article to clear your doubts.

Daily Skin Care Routine for your Baby

A baby’s skin is sensitive and prone to infections and allergies. Therefore, it needs special care. Nonetheless, it is not a difficult task and a well-thought-out daily skincare routine can put all your worries at ease. Here, we suggest a 5-step daily skincare routine that can be easily followed to ensure that your baby’s skin stays healthy.

Step 1: Massaging: Start your baby’s daily skincare routine by massaging your baby for 15 to 20 minutes. Choose natural oils such as Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil or the Ayurvedic Lakshadi Baby Massage Oil to reap the maximum benefits of a massage. These not only strengthen the baby’s bones and muscles but also aid in the baby’s growth and development. Click on the products to know more

Step 2: Bathing: Wait for 15 minutes before you take the baby for a bath. Check that the water is lukewarm and that all that you need for the bath is handy. Handling multiple things and products at this time, when the baby is also slippery because of the oil massage, might prove to be difficult. Therefore, opt for a baby wash and shampoo combined product to reduce the number of products that you need to handle. Use a tear-free and soap-free version specially made for babies. The below-listed products are a tear-free formula that not only makes the task of bathing convenient for mommies but also ensures that your baby’s skin doesn’t become dry. Click on the products to know more

Step 3: Moisturizing: After the baby has bathed, spend 5 to 7 minutes applying a moisturizer on its arms, legs, and torso. Use a lightweight natural formula free of parabens or any other artificial enhancers. Click on the products to know more

Step 4: Powdering: Use a talc-free powder for the areas that tend to stay moist like the underarms and skin folds in front of the elbows and at the back of the knees. The powder will absorb the extra moisture and prevent itches and dryness. Below listed products are free of all kinds of chemicals such as talc, SLS, parabens and are made using kaolin clay, arror root, and oatmeal so that you can be completely worry-free while using it for your munchkin. Click on the products to know more

Step 5: Diapering: Once the baby is completely dry, apply a thin layer of diaper rash cream and then secure the diaper. The diaper rash cream would act as a barrier between the diaper and the baby’s skin effectively preventing diaper rash. Click on the products to know more

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