5 Important benefits of using a Mustard Seed Pillow for your Baby’s head shaping

baby pillow

Using a baby mustard seed pillow or baby pillow or ‘Rai Ka Taqiya’ to provide support to a newborn baby’s head is a sensible and useful tradition of our country.  We will talk about the mustard seed pillow and its benefits below.

What is Mustard Seed Pillow?

As the name suggests, in a mustard seeds pillow, mustard seeds are used as the filling. While taking birth, your baby has to squeeze his way through the birth canal. That is the reason why a newborn’s head appears too broad after birth. However, the baby’s skull is soft and can be molded until the age of 18 months before the fontanelles close up. That’s where the mustard seeds pillow comes into use. 

Benefits of using mustard seeds pillow for babies

1. Provides cushioning support

A mustard pillow cushions and supports your baby’s head. It gently reshapes the soft skull in a month or so without being hard on it.

baby pillow

2. Adjusts with baby’s movement

Mustard seeds pillows adjust their shape according to the baby’s movements. This ensures that the baby’s head shape remains consistently uniform, and it doesn’t tilt to any specific side.

3. Warms up baby’s head Naturally

Mustard seeds are known to generate warmth. It keeps them warm, especially in the winter, and reduces the risk of cold and flu.

4. Prevents Placing Pressure on One Side

Always sleeping on one side creates unnecessary pressure on that side of the baby’s neck and skull, resulting in a deformed head. Mustard seed pillow takes off the pressure by adjusting with the position of their head. 

5. Repairs the dents and bumps

Mustard seeds pillows are known to repair the bumps, dents, depressions,  bumps, that a newborn baby’s head may have. It fixes such deformities and makes sure that your baby doesn’t acquire a flat head.

Using a mustard seeds pillow is the natural way for rounding off the shape of your baby’s head. Below listed products are specially manufactured using soft cotton fabric and it helps to ensure that your munchkin doesn’t have to suffer from the Flat Head Syndrome. The sooner you start, the better it is for your baby!

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