baby walker

Are you planning to buy a baby walker? Then read this.

baby walker

First of all, what it is and what does it do?

It’s a simple device/thing that helps a baby walk for the first time or when the baby is trying to walk on its own. It has a leg opening with a cushioned seat, and wheels support the bottom part so that baby can easily hover around the house without anyone’s help and has his own free time or, in some cases, fun time. The modern ones comes equipped with pre-recorded musical tunes or songs and some hanging toys around child. Yes, I must say it is very pleasing to watch your baby having a good time on his own and the most crucial fact that he/she is learning to walk. Most parents place the baby in it for them to play independently, which can be very dangerous. Baby walker safety is questionable.

As long as your baby is 100% safe everything is fine but what if your baby’s most favorite thing becomes the most dangerous one.


Now this is quite debatable. Some people think the otherwise because of the risk involved in it.

What is the risk involves in it?

Now let’s come to the main point for writing this article. After reading this, you might also start to think over if you want to buy a baby walker or not.

A baby walker is or can be safe if you monitor the baby all the time when he/she is in the walker and having his own time. Parents must be very vigilant and should keep an eye on the baby. So, if you can guarantee that you will fulfill the above condition, you can buy the walker right now and leave the site at once as the risks involved will be of no interest to you.

So, if you are still reading this, that means it’s not possible to watch each step of your baby as you also might be busy with the daily chores. And the fact is that even if you are keeping an eye on your baby, any awful things might happen within seconds, so it’s better to avoid using a baby walker.

Let me highlight some of the risks involved if the baby is left alone in the baby walker.

  • As the walker comes with a wheelbase, a baby can move a long distance in a brief period, and if the baby is near a staircase, they can easily roll over, and a mishap could happen. So, if you’re allowing your baby to roam around the house in his favorite walker, then make sure the staircase area is out of reach to your children, or you block it by.
  • With the help of the walker, the baby also gains some height as standing on his feet now, i.e., they might reach some places where they should not be at all. For example, suppose you have just finished preparing your dinner, and your re hot dinner is on the dinner table, and your baby in the walker comes around you and pulls off the dining cloth or cover and spills the hot food. You can imagine what significant damage this can do to your child.
  • If there’s a swimming pool within reach of your child, it can be hazardous for the baby’s safety as with a blink of an eye, and he might fall in the swimming pool with the walker.
  • You also will have to make sure that there aren’t any sharp objects around the house, such as blades, knives, or other tools where your baby can easily reach and harm himself/herself.

As a parent what you can do to avoid such things from happening?

The most sensible and proper solution is that you avoid using BABY WALKER.

Around thousands of cases arise every year around the world where the baby gets admit into the emergency department for baby walker-related injuries. Most of them happened when parents were keeping an eye on their baby.

Most prominent organizations have banned baby walkers in some countries, like Canada being one of them.

So the conclusion is simple “SAY NO TO BABY WALKERS”

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