baby bath toys

Baby Bath Toys: At what age you can start giving bath toys to your baby?

baby bath toys

Bath time is a wonderful time to connect with your baby and bond with them. You may feel that you wish to introduce bath toys to your baby. However, there is no need to do so before your baby turns six months. If bath time is a struggle for your baby and your baby gets fussy at the thought of bathing, then introducing fun bath toys can be a great way to get them excited and make their experience more enjoyable.

Bath toys for new born babies

In the first few months, there is no real need to introduce bath toys for your babies. After six months, you can introduce high-quality rubber toys, which do not have holes in them, are free from toxins, and easy to clean, to your babies. Rubber toys are safe for babies as they don’t hurt them, and also babies can chew on them without being worried.

Introducing bath toys to babies after six months

baby bath toys

After your baby has crossed the six-month mark, they can sit up themselves, have good head control, they tend to show more interest in bath toys and become or interactive as well. The bath toys become an excellent way for them to stay engaged and their mind starts interacting with the colours, shapes, and textures of the bath toys.

Having a few toys during bath time can make their experience more entertaining, and also this is a great way for them to learn and explore. Babies love colourful objects and things that can float, which of course makes splashing more fun.

You can get your Baby bath toys from, which will surely be easy to grasp and squeeze for your baby. They are free from BPA, toxins, and are safe for your baby.

Benefits of giving bath toys to your baby

baby bath toys

Kids love to bath, and kids love toys. Putting them together, well, bath toys are more than just fun and games. They provide your child with an opportunity to engage, spark their imaginations, encourage them to interact more, and also enhance their senses. Here are some other benefits of introducing bath toys to your babies:

Keeps your baby entertained

baby bath toys

Some children can get fussy while taking a bath, and bath toys are the best way to go to. They keep your child entertained, and they don’t create a fuss.

Keeps them engaged

Colourful toys keep your child busy, and it becomes easy for you to cleanse them without them putting out tantrums. Also, they expedite a charming smile your baby’s face. The babies will keep busy by splashing, squeezing, and chewing on bath toys, and you can easily make your way in cleansing them without a drama.

Colours help in cerebral development

The various colours of bath toys stimulate the vision of your baby. They seem super fascinating to your babies, allow object permeance, and enhance cause and effect relationship for them. Bath toys provide an opportunity for your baby to learn more about colours and symmetry. You can use different names of the toys to engage with them further.

Enhance your child’s senses

Bath toys have different shapes, colours, textures, and sounds. They are a way for your baby to learn and help them in stimulating their sense. Building and sound toys build motor skills and hand-eye coordination of your baby along with stimulating their hearing senses. Bath toys enhance your baby’s bathing experience and make it more enjoyable for them. You can get adequate bath toys for your baby from, which are perfectly sized for the hands of your baby. They are made from high-quality rubber and are very easy to clean. They are 100% safe and free from toxins.

Selecting a bath toys for your kid? Certain points to keep in mind

baby bath toys

Bath toys can help your babies stay engaged and make their tub time happier. The splish-splashing and bath toys, make your baby’s bathing experience fun, and you can connect with your baby more than ever. Here are some things you should remember while buying bath toys for your baby:

Things to remember while selecting bath toys for your baby

1. Premium quality rubber

The bath toys that you choose for your baby must be made from high-quality rubber so your baby can have a long-lasting experience with them and they are safe also for your baby. Some of the best bath toys you can buy

2. Free from toxins

Most babies will put their bath toys in their mouth, no matter how much you defy it. So, it is always better to choose bath toys which are free from harmful material such as lead, BPA, and Phthalate.

3. Perfectly sized

The toys you choose for your baby’s bath time must be easy for them to hold, grasp, and squeeze. So, select bath toys according to the size of their baby’s hands.

4. Easy to clean

High-quality bath toys come with the advantage that they can be cleaned easily and are easy to maintain.

5. Avoid toys that have sharp or pointed edges.

The sharp edges and pointed surfaces can pose your baby and cause harm. Thus, try to get rounded bath toys for your baby.

6. Get toys with funny sounds.

Toys with sounds help in enhancing the sense of your baby and help in cerebral development. Also, they are more entertaining and fun for your baby.

7. Avoid toys with holes.

The holes give place to water getting trapped in the bath toys, which can result in mould and accumulation of bacteria.

Get your baby some exciting and cool bath toys and enhance their aquatic entertainment and don’t forget to capture them along the way.

Certain bath toys to avoid

baby bath toys

Add a dose of fun and enjoyment to your baby’s bath time with colourful bath toys. However, here are some bath toys which you should avoid taking to the tub along with your baby

Avoid toys made of toxic material

baby bath toys

Bath toys coated with or made of BPA, lead, or any other synthetic material can harm the baby. Babies usually put their bath toys in their mouth and come in direct contact with the toys, and so the bath toys must be 100% safe for your baby.

Avoid oversized toys

Bath toys should be according to the size of your baby’s hand. Oversize toys are no fun for your baby, and they made not be able to hold them properly, or even play them accordingly.

Avoid too many toys

Too many bath toys can intrude with the bathing space of your baby. Also, it might hamper their comfort and make them fussy.

Avoid toys of low-grade quality.

Compromising with the quality of bath toys must be avoided. Babies have more exposure to infections, and thus, you must get them high-quality rubber toys which make their bathing experience healthy and fun.

Avoid slippery material toys.

Slipper toys can cause bathing accidents for your baby, and that is the last thing any parent would want.

Avoid toys with holes.

Toys with holes accumulate water and become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould.

Avoid toys with edgy surfaces.

Try to get bath toys with round surfaces for your baby and not edgy or pointed sides as they can poke your baby and cause injuries.

Bath time can be the best part of the day for your baby with safe and cute bath toys. Shop for bath toy collection from, which are completely safe and of premium quality for your baby to play with.

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