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Baby Girl Name 2021: choose your little girl’s name from this latest list

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When the daughter is born at home, it is said that Sakshat Lakshmi has come to the house, the daughter is considered to be the form of mother Lakshmi. Now you will not keep the name of Lakshmi daughter of your house, Lakshmi only…. You search for a name that is new, stylish, slightly different and also good to listen to the name of your beloved daughter.

Latest and top Cute Baby Girl Names in the India


In order to help you find a perfect Hindiu Indian name for baby girl, here is a list with of the most popular baby girl names in India. Look for yourself

Baby Girl names: Still confused about what to name your little girl? Hindu baby girl names: Most Popular 50 Hindu baby names for your little daughter to choose from along with their meanings. So start discussing with your partner and family members and select the most suitable name for your beloved daughter.

Baby Girl Names with A

Aadhya First power

Aahana Inner light-weight, Immortal, Born throughout the day, initial ascent of the Sun

Aalia      Excellent, Highest social standing, Tall, Towering

Aanya   Inexhaustible, Limitless, Resurrection

Aaradhya            Worshipped, Blessing of Lord Ganesha

Aarna    Goddess Lakshmi, Water, Wave, effervescent, Stream

Aarohi   A music tune, Progressive, Evolving

Aditi      Mother of the divine beings, Liberty, Perfection, Creativity, Freedom, Safety, Abundance

Advika  World, Earth, Unique

Adweta inspirational, hopeful

Adya     First power, divinity Durga, First, Unequaled, Perfect, The earth

Ahana   Inner light-weight, Immortal, Born throughout the day

Akshara               Letters, divinity Saraswati

Amaya  Immeasurable

Amrita  Immortality

Amruta State of deathlessness, Immortality

Anaisha               Special

Ananya Goddess Parvati, Matchless, Unique, completely different from others, Charming

Anaya   Without a rife, God has shown favor

Andrea Manly

Angel    Shine of greatness

Anika    Goddess Durga, The splendor of stone

Anushka              Grace; favor; bloom

Anvi       One of devis names, Name of a divinity

Anya     Full of class

Aria        a since quite whereas agone went with tune for a performance voice

Arunima              Glow of sunrise

Arya      Noble divinity

Avni       The earth

Bhavna Goddess Parvati, Purity, Gift from God

Bhagyasri            fortunate

Baghyawati        lucky

Bhanumati         Full of gloss; known

Bhavani               Goddess Parvati

Binita    Modest

Bishakha             star

Brinda   tulsi

Bina       understanding

Bimala  Pure

Bhavini Emotional or lovely girl

Chaaya life

Chakrika              lakshmi

Chaman              garden

Chameli               Creeper with sweet-smelling blossoms

Chanchal             Active or divinity Laxmi

Chandani            Moon light-weight or A stream

Charita  of charming character

Chasmum           chase

Chavvi  Reflection or Image or Radiance

Daksha The earth

Dhriti     Courage,

Divya     Divine or Divine Luster

Diya       Lamp

Dalaja   Produced from petals

Damini  Lightning

Damyanti            “soothing”; “quelling”

Darika   Maiden

Dayamai              Kind; Merciful

Dayita   beloved

Deepa   A light-weight

Ekaja     The lone child

Ekani     One

Ekanta  Solitude, Peaceful

Ekta       Unity

Ela          oak

Eshana  wish, want

Eta         Luminous

Ekantika              Singly engaged

Ella         light

Ekiya     Kindness

Falguni  Beautiful

Forum   fragrant

Faiza      Bloom, achieve success

Falak     Brave, Fearless

Farisha  Yazid Al-Abshamiyah’S female offspring

Fatheha Guide, Proof

Farzeen   Gift Of God, Beautiful

Farida    unique

Gauri     Fair, White

Geet      song

Geetika Beauty

Ganga   Ganga is that the name of the holiest stream in Republic of India and is idolised by varied Hindus

Gaurangi             Fair complexioned

Gayathri              Mother of Vedas

Gaurika Lord Of Brahmins

Gautami              Clouds

Hiral       Lustrous

Harini    The God Of Silence

Hemangini          Jasmine

Hema    Nectar

Harinakshi          A Precious

Harita    Fast, Progressive

Hemal   One With massive Brain ( Ganesha )

Hemani Knowledge Or knowledge

Heena   A aesthetic , lovely girl

Ira          A dedicated one, Tender, girl of magdala, To be offered in idle, United, Noble

Isha       Lord

Ishani    Consort of Lord shiva., on the point of God

Ishanvi  Goddess of data

Ishita     Superior, Wealthy

Idika      The earth

Idris       lord; diligent

Ijaya      Sacrifice

Ikshita   A Dark , lovely girl

Indali     powerful

Jasmine               AN recent World bush or mounting plant that is acknowledge as an elaborate

Jhanvi   Ganga the stream

Jagrati   pleased by Gods

Jagvi      Worldly

Jalsa      The name may be a kind of the Arabic word Rehan, signifying ‘God’s picked one’.

Janaki   name of God

Janya    life

Jasmit   Famed; Celebrated

Jeevika River narmada

Jhalak   Glimpse or Spark

Kashvi   Shining, brilliant

Kavya    Poetry moving, Poem, Laden with estimation

Khushi  Happiness, Smile, Delight

Kiara      Little dark one, Dusky, Dark haired

Krisha    Divine, Thin

Krishna all-appealing

Kyra       The Sun

Kajal      Peace

Kamya  wish, want

Kashika inherent within the actual plan of things

Lakshmi               divinity of material resource or Goddess Laxmi or lucky

Lipika    Idea, Imagination, Fancy

Lolita     Beautiful or ornamental or Delighted

Lopa      Sun

Lekha    Goddess

Leena    Lord Of The Universe or Immortal

Libni      White, whiteness

Lochan eye

Ladli      loved one

Lajita     modesty

Mahika The earth, Dew, Mist

Manya  The calm one, ought to have honor, Respected, Honorable

Maryam              Beautiful women, Flower, Beloved

Meera   Devotee of Lord avatar, Ocean, Boundary, Poetess

Megha  Cloud

Meghana            hloud

Meher   Grace

Mishka Gift of affection

Mitali    A association among friendly relationship and Love

Myra     Honey, Beloved

Naira     Shining, Glittering

Navya   Worth adulating, Young, worthy

Nayantara          Iris, Star of the eyes

Niharika              Dew Drop

Nisha     Night

Nitara    Having Deep Roots

Netra     Kingdom

Nidra     Love

Nikita    English Version Of the Irish Aodán Or that means “Fire”.

Nilima   Indian Name From The Sanskrit that means “Unconquerable”.

Olivia     olive tree

Omaja   Lotus-Eyed

Omisha Modest

Oni         Lord Of Goodness

Opal      jewel

Ojasvi    Brave, Fearless

Omya    Son

Osha      Combustion, sparkling, consuming

Odika    ancient

Oeshi     Gods Precious Gift

Pari        Beauty, Fairy, Angel

Pihu       Chattering of bird

Pratyusha           Bright

Prisha    Talent given by God, Beloved, Loving, Gods blessing

Pahal     The Moon an evening when Amavasya

Palak     Guardian

Panini   of a author

Pallavi   Man UN agency Has Been schooled Customary Law And Entrusted With sure Duties:

Parul     Name of a bloom; excellent; charitable

Pavani  Full Moon

Qushi    happy

Qiyara   Very Pretty

Quasar  Meteorite

Queeni  Royal girl

Quincy  estate of the fifth kid

Qayanat              all manifestations

Rachita                Created

Raveena              Sunny

Ridhi      Good fortune, success

Riya       Rich or from hadria, Gem, divinity Lakshmi, Graceful, Singer

Rabhya Worshipped

Rachana              Creation

Radha   From The German Fridu that means “Harmony”

Rajata   A Name From Ancient Epics

Rajeshri               Sweet woman

Raksha  Genius

Saanvi   Goddess Lakshmi, One UN agency are going to be followed

Sahana Raaga or tolerance, Queen

Sai          Female companion, A bloom

Saira      Princess

Samaira               Enchanting, Protected by God

Sarah    Happy, Pure, Princess

Saumya               Mild, divinity Durga

Shanaya              Eminent, Distinguished, Born on weekday, initial Ray of the Sun

Shravya               Musical tone, ought to have being detected

Shreya  Goddess Lakshmi, Prosperity, Sacred,  Luster ,Shrestha, , Another name for Saraswati, Auspicious

Sneha   Love

Suhana Beautiful

Suhani  Beautiful

Tanvi     Slender, Beautiful, Delicate

Trisha    Thirst

Tanmayi              Wholly consumed in God

Tamanna            The Effusion Of Them, Wish

Tanuja  Woman

Tripti     Winner Of the globe

Triveni  Confluence of 3 holy stream Ganga or Yamuna and Saraswati

Triya      Young girl

Turvi      Superior

Tulsi       A reasonably Basil that Is Cultivated By Hindus As A Sacred Plant

Ucchal  Perception

Ubika    Growth

Udyati   elevated

Unnati  Union

Unni      an baby child

Upadhriti            a beam

Urishilla               excellent

Urmi      wave

Upma    the best

Upasna Coming along

Vaishnavi            Worshipper of Hindu deity

Vansha Bamboo, Backbone, Cane

Vanya   Hindu feminine divinity of woodlands, Van ki Devi, Gods blessing, God is benevolent

Vedhika               Full of data, Altar, A waterway in Republic of India, Consciousness, AN Apsara or divine

Vinaya  Modest, Restrained, Decent

Vamakshi            Beautiful peered toward

Vamika Goddess Durga

Vasana Goddess Durga

Vasatika              Morning light-weight

Vasudha              Another Name For Shiva

Waida   promise

Warda   Guardian

Wishi     Fulfil want

Wafiya  Trustworthy

Watika  garden

Waheeda            unique

Wajeeha             glorious

Wakeeta             beautiful bloom

Widisha               Intermediate area; info

Yachana              Pleading

Yadavi   Goddess Durga

Yahvi     Heaven or Earth

Yashawini           Reputed

Yashica Success

Yashoda              Mother of ruler avatar or known or prospering

Yasti      Slim

Yauvani               Mother of Vedas or A divinity

Yochana              Thought

Zara       In bloom, Bright because the sunrise, Brilliance, efflorescence bloom

Zoya      Life

Zoey      life

Zora       Friend

Zuri        beautiful

Zaha      flower

Zaida     Proper Name

Zarna    A very little stream of sweet water

Zenia     Noble, Eminent

Zivah     radiance, splendor, light, God, brilliance

Names beginning with A

Acai to rise, flower ,

Akila best ,

Akila knowledgeable, worldly ,

Akshana eye ,

Akshita saw, immortal ,

Aksiti immortality ,

Agnagai inner happiness ,

Agalvili Broad Eyes ,

Agnayi furious, Agni’s wife, ,

Achira winter season meaning ,

Ajira slow, Hindu girl not fickle

Ajita invincible, invincible ,

Anika (Kripa)

Aamya (Soft)

Adah (Jewelry)

Ayesha (Special)

Ahilya (devotee of Rama)

Names beginning with B

Bandita (Blessed)

Bhagini (sister of Indra)

Bhavya (Mother Parvati)

Brinda (Tulsi)

Baidehi (Mother Sita)

Names starting with C

Chaitali (born in the month of Chaitra)

Charvi (Beautiful)

Charu (pleasant)

Names beginning with D

Daksha (Earth)

Dakshina (Donation to God)

Darshini (viewable)

Deepashree (A light)

Names starting with E

Esha (Purity)

Eshvi (God)

Ekanta (dedicated to one)

Eva (life)

Names beginning with F

Faguni (Name of the month)

Plank (sky)

Freya (Goddess of love)

Names starting with G

Gamini (calm)

Gandhari (a ragini)

Ganika (a flower)


Guinea (gold)

Names starting with H

Harshini (Hansmukh) (Laughs)

Hiranakshi (deer-eyed)

Hima (Ice)

Henna (fragrance)

Names starting with I.

Ina (Mother)

Inaya (Samvedana)

Indrakshi (one with eyes like Indra)

Indu (Moon)

Inu (Attraction)

Names starting with J

Jainisha (Search)

Jamini (Night)

Janhvi (Ganges River)

Janaki (Goddess Sita)

Names starting with K

Kashvi (most different)

Kavya (stability)

Kayra (peace)

Kimaya (divine)

Kalini (daughter of Surya)

Names starting with L

Lakhi (Mother Lakshmi)

Lakshita (goal)

Lapita (voice)

Latika (a garland of pearls)

Names starting with M

Mahira (skilled)

Myra (sweetheart)

Mishika (Love of God)

Maya (Mother Lakshmi)

Madhvi (lovely)

Madri (tuesday)

Names starting with N

Neyasa (pure)

Naisha (a special flower)

Navya (worthy of praise)

Nanika (pupil of the eye)

Names starting with O

Ojasvi (brave)

Oshi (divine)

Names starting with P

Pavani (Beautiful Girl)

Padmakshi (descended from Kamal)

Padmini (Lotus)

Pahi (flower petals)

Pakhi (a bird)

Names beginning with R

Ragini (music)

Rachika (Creator)

Ragi (lovely)

Rahini (Mother Saraswati)

Rajashi (mother durga)

Names starting with S

Sanvi (Goddess Lakshmi)

Saisha (big wish)

To bear (patience)

Shreyanvi (Goddess Lakshmi)

Sierra (Unique)

Names beginning with T

Tishya (auspicious)

Tahira (polite)

Tanvi (Goddess Durga)

Trishika (Goddess Lakshmi)

Twisha (bright)

Names starting with U

Udita (Sunrise)

Udayati (daughter of the mountain)

Udipa (lights)

Names starting with v

Viha (angel)

Vihana (morning)

Viti (light)

Worli (a raga)

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