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Baby Nursery: How to set up your baby’s room?

Designing a perfect nursery for your newborn baby can be a fun experience however it seems daunting especially when you don’t know from where to begin. You might be planning everything very meticulously when your baby is on the way. You will be required to plan each and everything well in advance so that it’s’ easier for you to carry out your responsibilities after childbirth. Here are a few vital tips to keep in mind while designing your baby’s nursery:

baby nursery

The room location and its general layout-It is advisable to choose a peaceful room that is closer to your bedroom and has good ventilation. The lighting and space of the room play an important role while designing a nursery there. If the room is naturally cold then make sure it also has the facility to provide adequate heating and vice versa.

Choose a specific style and theme-Don’t forget to incorporate the style of your house be it contemporary, traditional, or an eclectic mix. The décor of the nursery should match up well with the rest of the house so that it doesn’t look out of place.

Choose baby-friendly colors-You must choose baby-friendly colors like subtle blues, cozy pinks, nurturing greens, soothing whites, contemplative grays, and Earth-inspired neutrals.

baby nursery

Be innovative-When you are searching furniture, fixtures, and accessories for the nursery just make sure it’s child-friendly and not childish. Don’t just blindly follow the ongoing trends and the ultimate goal should always be for the long term. According to the experts, before even finalizing the color of the room you must prioritize the major fixtures.

Keep it simple-Always remember that less is more. Without compromising on the budget and the comfort you must carefully work on every aspect be it furniture layout, wall concepts, woodwork, ceiling designs, electrical fittings, flooring details, and the hardware fittings of the washroom. You can try to get creative with all the storage spaces.

Baby-proof the nursery-Make sure there are no loosely hanged electrical fitting near the crib and all the electrical outlets are covered properly. Make sure there is no sharp-edged furniture piece in the room. Make sure the rugs are well-secured to the floor and covering sheets are fitted properly to prevent slips. Baby crib should be placed away from lamps, heater, air conditioners, windows, wall decorations, and cords. To make the crib look fancy you must not hang any toy or rattle to it because they can cause choking hazards later on. Make sure the mattress of the baby crib has no gaps.

Take help from an expert if you think you’re struck-You can hire a professional interior designer for some terrific design. Things can turn ugly and messy without proper planning. For successful planning and some inspiration, you can always search some good designs on the internet. The experts can make your space look awe-inspiring by giving you the best piece of advice.

baby nursery

Always adapt-You would always want to make minor changes to the nursery as you watch your baby growing. A lot of things will also gradually start looking old and uninteresting. The décor of the nursery should always be adapted to suit your growing baby. Plastic furniture will slowly turn into wooden and you might also want to change the theme, color, and other accessories according to your baby’s choice.

Ample storage-You must install inexpensive movable storage solutions in the nursery. It is tough to organize a lot of stuff with a baby. You need a lot of drawers to make the nursery look tidy. Always make sure that you use a laundry basket for your baby’s nursery.

Lighting-Avoid using harsh lighting in the nursery and especially over the crib. Installing a nightlight and a CCTV camera in the baby’s nursery is a wise decision.

Install window guards-For safety purposes if there is a window in the room then make sure you have installed a window guard also because it will prevent your baby from falling off.

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