baby safety

Baby Safety: 9 things that can harm your baby.

baby safety

Babies are quivering creatures that require a unique approach and care. They look so helpless. Every minute a newborn baby gives its parents great joy and gives a lot of reasons for concern because they look so helpless. The first months of the baby’s life are magical and restless for parents. They are interested in many questions, how to properly feed the child, how to take care of the baby, how to put him to bed, and many others, but most of all, the parent asks the question how not to harm the baby?

Let’s take a look at the 10 most common mistakes and things that young parents make, which at first glance look almost harmless, but in fact, can cause considerable harm to the health, and therefore to the life of the baby. Baby safety is the highest priority of any parent.

Do not help the child to regurgitate. 

This is not the most pleasant process for both the parent and the child, but it must be done because an overabundance of milk and excess air will cause great discomfort. This is a natural process that is sometimes worth stimulating to avoid problems.

Don’t give water to the baby. 

Water gives a huge load on the kidneys, and this can cause intoxication and toxic shock. The mother’s breast milk and purchased mixtures contain a sufficient amount of vitamins and liquid. Water is a lifesaving element but it can compromise baby safety.

Washing children’s clothes with ordinary washing powder

Do not think that certified baby powders are just a publicity stunt because ordinary washing powders are harmful even for adults. Fragrances and chemicals can irritate not only children’s skin but also cause burns. And if the child decides to taste the fabric washed with such a powder, the outcome can be even much worse.

Crib decor

Of course, cute ruffles and garlands look very beautiful, but they carry a huge danger. If you leave a child in such a crib without supervision, he can get confused and suffocate. And small details the child can swallow.

Cotton buds. 

The baby’s ears may compromise your baby’s safety in the first months of life, especially since the baby does not need to clean the ear canals. The soft, sticky substance that forms in the ear canal is not dirt, as most parents think. It is earwax, or liquid, a mixture of various substances: proteins, fats, mineral salts, dead skin cells, dust particles, and dirt from the environment. In addition, trying to clean the ear with sticks or cotton swabs can cause the wax to compact and block the ear canal, or worse, injure the eardrum and impair hearing

Early complementary foods. 

Of course, every parent wants to give their baby all the most delicious and healthy. That is why parents begin to give their babies various juices and all kinds of purees. But early feeding carries many health risks to the baby. The introduction of complementary foods in a child from 3 to 4 months causes side effects because the body is physically unprepared, all kinds of gastrointestinal disorders (colic, sharp bolt, belching, vomiting, stool disorder) can occur. Naturally, such nonsense will inevitably lead to a serious malfunction of the digestive system, leading to other problems and malfunctions of the whole organism.

In addition to all the various failures, an allergic reaction may follow due to the high permeability and unpreparedness of the intestinal wall for large particles and molecules that are found in new products for the child. In addition, it is worth remembering that the child may have immature digestive enzymes and the immune system, so it is worth refraining from independent attempts to accustom the child to adult food. All these factors can lead to chronic diseases such as immune system disorders and even bronchial asthma. Some of the products for baby safety you can check out

Poor-quality sterilization of teats and bottles. 

The child takes time to adapt to the environment, and its immune system is not developed; such contact can be harmful to the baby’s health. Its body cannot cope with bacteria and microbes.

Indoor plants. 

Already for a reason mentioned above of the immune system’s weakness, the baby may have not only allergies but also problems with the respiratory system because, during the flowering of a domestic plant, the concentration of pollen in the air goes off the scale. In addition, when the baby begins to crawl and explore the house, it may be injured or taste a poisonous plant.

Putting the baby in the parent’s bed. 

Sleeping with the parents can harm the newborn. Surprisingly, such cases are not uncommon. Parents are very tired, so they do not always notice that the baby has buried his nose in the pillow (or their body) and has stopped breathing. The second danger is the risk of crushing the fragile creature with its weight. And such cases, unfortunately, are not uncommon either.

Of course, the list of things that can harm a child does not end there, and these were the most common examples. The danger may lie in the most seemingly ordinary things. It is very important to be careful, and the main thing to remember is that it is easier to warn of a danger than to push with serious consequences, especially when it comes to a baby. After all, the main task of each parent is to take care of and protect their child.

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