baby shoes

Baby Shoes Shopping Guide: How to choose one?

baby shoes

As long as the baby cannot walk, shoes are a nuisance for them. When he begins to stand up, non-slip socks and/or slippers with soft soles will protect him from the cold and possible slips. You can buy shoes when he starts to walk. Natural materials are preferred (wool, canvas, skin), they let the skin breathe, and they keep warm in winter!

At what age should the baby wear shoe?

Usually, babies start to walk between the ages of nine and eighteen months: they no longer crawl but hang on to furniture in an attempt to stand up. Soon, it will take its first steps on its own and will be trotting! This is when you can buy your first pair of shoes. Before, when the baby is still crawling, this is not necessary.

The choice of the first shoes is decisive because it can affect the baby’s orthopaedic health and his future walk. The multitude of baby shoe choices can scare some parents. Do not panic! The most important thing is to have a quality pair suitable for the baby’s feet.

How to choose baby shoes?

The essential criteria

The shoe should, above all, fit the shape of the foot, whether it is thin, firm, or wide if the child is very active. If the baby is very dynamic, it can be high or low; it does not matter.On the other hand, if it is not very toned, it is better to favor a rising model to maintain it.

Use natural materials (leather, canvas) and make sure there are no annoying seams inside. The child should be able to walk and run with ease, so the shoes should not be too heavy. As for the soles, we choose them non-slip, flexible, and not compensated in order to ensure good progress of the step.

The right size

Very reliable measuring rulers are available to parents at shoe dealers. If the child is between two sizes, it is better to opt for the larger one and always try them when your child is standing to judge as accurately as possible the space occupied by the foot. A pedometer is helpful for measuring the growth of the foot. 

Velcro shoes

Very practical, they allow toddlers to put on their shoes on their own and are suitable for all children. One downside for the finest: in this case, the scratch models do not always maintain enough, and the foot tends to “float.” always check when trying on.

The sneakers

Like any other model, they must perfectly fit the shape of the foot. Then it is all about common sense. If they are made of synthetic material, it is better to alternate with a pair of leather shoes, without forgetting the socks!

No shoes without socks, especially when the weather is hot!

The primary role of the shoes is to protect the baby against blows and injuries due to external agents. They also provide good foot support, essential when the baby is not very toned. His musculature is yet to develop.

In hot weather, the feet can tend to swell, as you have undoubtedly seen for yourself. Injuries and blisters may appear with friction. Another critical point, without socks, perspiration is not absorbed, and maceration can lead to yeast infections, especially if the shoes are made of synthetic material. We, therefore, prefer cotton socks, not too tight to allow the toes to move, nor too wide so as not to compress the foot in the shoe.

When to change baby’s shoes?

Baby grows quickly: from one year, he can easily take a new size every three months. During his first year, he will have to change his shoes regularly. It is crucial to provide a small budget for this to keep pace with the growth of your feet. And also not to buy too big in advance because shoes that are too big will prevent them from walking and harmful for their feet to hold.

It is also essential to change the shoes if you notice that they are too worn or too distorted. Indeed, even if the baby will not wear them for long, it is possible that they are damaged. Regularly checking the condition of the shoes is a good thing to do to be sure that they are still suitable for the baby.

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