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Baby Shower Decoration Ideas | All you need to know about “ Godh Bharai “

Baby Shower Decoration

Most women expecting have a baby shower. This can take place any time during the pregnancy, but it’s suggested to hold this event at a time close to the delivery. There are many things to be looked at before holding a shower, and today we will communicate those things to you –in order to make your life simpler!. Baby shower decoration can be a bit tough so go through the article as it might clear your doubts.

Baby Shower Decoration : Important Points

Firstly– it is important that the shower doesn’t happen at a time when the mother to be is uncomfortable and suffers from pain. Hence, a suitable date has to be looked into.

Secondly, is to make the guest list and call people who are close to the couple. If you don’t want to spoil the fun for the mother to be, then one can always ask the father to be as to whom all should one call for the shower.

Third – it is important to look into the kind of invite one sends. For baby showers people would expect fun invites which would either be in the form of pink or blue. So make sure while sending out invites you try and make them as fun as possible.  It is also good to decide the venue for the shower. Keep it at a place which will be comfortable for the mother to be. Avoid keeping it in the mother to be’s house, since they would have to clean up afterwards.

Next – also, keep good decorations that will light up the place and make everyone happy. Also, choose a good cake – there are many shapes and forms in which a cake for baby shower can come – try choosing a flavour that suits the taste of the parents to be. Apart from the cake, the food also has to be taken care of.

Gifts are also an essential part of the baby shower – they can be given individually or even collectively. Try giving something for the baby, will make things easier for the going to be parents. So, if you’re holding a baby shower for your friends – then you now know what all should be looked into in order to make it fun, memorable and lively. Go ahead; make this day a memorable one for your mother to be friend!

Godh Bharai – Top Tips to make your Baby shower decoration a memorable one !

Godh Bharai is a traditional ceremony that is organized in the 7th or 9th month of pregnancy to bless the unborn baby and the pregnant woman. In most Indian households, a godh bharai is attended by women only. Different rituals are followed in different parts of India. However, nowadays, many women are opting for a baby shower, which is a common practice in various Western countries.

In a traditional baby shower, the mum-to-be is made to wear ethnic clothes and is taken to the temple to seek the blessings of the Almighty. After this, her lap is filled with various gifts and all the women of the house whisper blessings for the baby in her ears. This ceremony may also include some singing and dancing along with a traditional feast for the guests.

In a Western-style, baby shower, a friend or a sister organize the baby shower for the mum-to-be. This baby shower mostly has a theme and various games or organized for the women who attend the baby shower. These include guessing the gender of the baby, guessing the size of the pregnant mum’s tummy, crossword puzzles and many more.

Whichever way you wish to have your baby shower decoration, here are some useful tips that will help make it memorable for you –

Pick a suitable date – After a certain time, the mum-to-be can go into labor anytime so the baby shower should be planned well in advance.

Create a guest list and invite – Make a list of all the relatives and friends you wish to invite for the baby shower and send them a cute little invite so they can save the date.

shower decoration

Venue – Depending upon the size of the gathering, decide a venue – it can be at home, on the terrace or at a banquet and make the bookings accordingly.

Choose a theme – There are various themes of a baby shower that you can choose from. So just surf the net and zero down on the theme that you like the most. Now you would need to get the décor done accordingly.


Decide the games – Pick some interesting games for your baby shower and make the arrangements for the same.

Plan the menu – You can have a mix of traditional and unconventional goodies that will be liked by all.

Godh Bharai is the Indian version of the baby shower, the ceremony is a celebration of motherhood in our country. To celebrate the occasion close family and friends are invited to pray for the health and wellbeing of the mother and her unborn child. Along with prayers the expectant mother also receives blessings and Godh Bharai gifts. Modern-day Godh Bharai ceremonies are a mix of rituals, traditions, and activities like dancing, singing, and fun games. 

Different names but the same essence 

The name of the ceremony itself changes in different parts of the country. In North India, it’s known as Godh Bharai, in West Bengal it’s known as Shaad, in Maharashtra it’s known as Dohal Jevan, in South India it’s known by many names like Valakaappu, Seemandham, and Seemantham. While the names and rituals followed change in different parts of the country. The basic essence of the occasion remains the same- to pray for the mother and the child and make the occasion a joyous one.

When is Godh Bharai celebrated?

The timing of the ceremony depends from culture to culture, region to region of the country. Mostly the ceremony is held when the expectant mother completes her seventh month of pregnancy as after the 7-month mark it’s believed that the mother and baby are in a safe position. Some cultures celebrate Godh Bharai after completing 8 months of pregnancy. 

How is Godh Bharai is celebrated?

During Godh Bharai the mother-to-be is given gifts like sarees, jewellery, gold or silver coins, money, and blessings from the elders of the family. In Hindi Godh Bharai means to ‘fill the lap’ so these gifts are often placed in the laps of expectant mothers. The women of the family share their experiences of motherhood. The mother-to-be herself is dressed in the finest clothes, jewellery, and other ornaments. Mehendi (Henna) designs are done on her hands and feet. 
Rituals during Godh Bharai include Ganesh Puja which is done during the start of the day, after the puja is done, the mother-to-be sits down and a small red dot is put on her forehead and hands. A yellow thread is tied on the mother’s wrist by her sister-in-law for protection and she is offered sweet curd to eat. Another prevalent ritual is whispering in the mother’s ears that the baby will be born healthy and lively. This is considered auspicious for both the child and mother. 
While traditionally Godh Bharai is considered a women’s event, though in modern-day versions of the ceremony men are also encouraged to attend.

Do’s and Don’ts Of Baby Shower

One of the joys of pregnancy is the various rituals, customs and celebrations associated with it. A baby shower is one such celebration that is very popular these days. So much so that baby showers have now become more than just mere friends and family get-togethers. But, planning and hosting a baby shower can be a challenging prospect whether you are the expecting mother, a friend, relative or colleague. Let’s look at some do’s and don’ts of hosting a baby shower.


Always involve the mother-to-be while planning the baby shower. It is vital to inform her and make sure she is comfortable with the planned date and venue.  

Invite the father-to-be and his friends also and not just restrict the guest list only to the mom’s friends. They will be very excited and happy to join in the fun.

Open the presents during the baby shower as it adds to the celebrations with the expecting parents and the guests enjoying looking at all the cute and colorful gifts. 

Instead of going for elaborate meals, serve simple food such as cakes, sandwiches, pastries, cookies, buns, sweets, scones, pastries etc.

Always keep the event restricted to 2-3 hours and focus on having fun during this time. Dragging it and overdoing it may end up making the expectant mother tired and irritated.

Plan the games and activities in advance and not just leave it for the guests to decide.

Take lots of photos as these would-be life long memories being created.


Never invite a whole lot of people in trying to have a grand party. Make it an intimate and cozy experience as too many guests would lead to lot of noise and movement which may be troublesome for the mother.

Never plan it as a surprise since baby showers are done near the due date and you don’t want the mum-to-be to not feel well or tired on the day you decide to surprise her.

Do not play any games or activities that may embarrass the expectant mother or the guests.

If possible, avoid serving alcohol since it is a baby shower and a drunk and loud guest is the last thing you want. Mocktails and soft drinks should be preferred instead. And finally, always keep in mind that the purpose of the baby shower is to make the mother-to-be feel really happy and special. That thought should be the guiding light as you plan and host the baby shower.

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