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baby shower

A baby shower is a celebration or a party that celebrates the transformation of a woman into a mother. The word shower in this context refers to an expectant mother being showered with gifts originally popular in the US. It has slowly started to become common in the UK. It’s like a transformation of a woman into a mother. So, the word transformation is an apparent change in form, nature, or appearance, so a house can go through a transformation when it’s being decorated.

A person can go through a transformation if they change into another form, so a woman is transforming into a mother. I also use the phrase pregnant mother; the baby showers are for expectant mothers. If you are an expectant mother, then it means that you are really excited of something is about to happen. Especially something good, and as we already know, she’s going to have a baby that’s quite clear.

What is a ‘baby shower?’

The baby shower is a party for the future mother to celebrate the imminent birth of the baby. Throughout the celebration, set with all kinds of elements related to the birth, a snack is offered to the guests, and they give gifts to the parents. In fact, the term “shower” refers to the fact that the expectant mother receives a shower or “shower” of gifts.

So, a baby shower is just a party to celebrate a woman’s transformation. Now, as I initially said, as far as I know, it is trendy in the US and was never really observed here in Britain until quite recently now. I’d love to know if you celebrate baby shower in your country; maybe it has a different name.

So, what happens during a baby shower?

Well, traditionally, the baby shower occurs only with the first child.

Now, this is historical, and it only happens when your first child is due. Now the word “due” is a common word that is in use a lot when talking about babies, and it means a specific time when the baby is expected.

A baby shower involves a small gathering of female friends and family, and this is traditional that features gift-giving and themed games and activities. Okay, so that’s what we think a baby shower is. It’s a gift-giving tradition, like helping a mother have everything she needs to cope with being a mum. We all know things a mother needs to look after her baby.

baby shower

Things probably you’re told you need which is actually not require at all. Still, you need lots of stuff like a pram, a bed, new clothing; you need feeding things, you need all the cleaning stuff, you need the nappies, the wipes, the creams, there’s just so much. Then there are things that you need as a mother to cope with being a new mum. You need unique clothing, lots of things to look after yourself, and it can be a little overwhelming.

As the mother is having almost all the things required, it happens with the first child only. Because when she has a second child, you think she already has most of the stuff from the first baby and can use those again.

So, I’ve said it would involve a small gathering of female friends and family, a baby shower that features gift-giving, and themed games and activities. It has become acceptable for males to be a part of the celebrations. And why not because the thing is, it’s not just the woman who’s having the baby; the man is also having a baby – the man is becoming a father, so why should we celebrate with female friends only? It should be celebrating with both parents.

It’s also acceptable for baby showers to be thrown for a second or even a third child because every birth needs a celebration. The reasoning for this is that having a celebration just for the first child seems a little unfair in the second or third celebration. Perhaps if it’s different sex if it’s a boy in the first shower, then a girl baby shower is celebrated as you want to get some more different gender-based clothing or toys, so maybe you’ll have a baby shower.

Perhaps you make it a smaller baby shower which is more just about celebrating rather than gift-giving, so there might be fewer gifts second or third time, and this is called a baby sprinkle. I’ve never heard anyone use this, but I read that it can be known as a baby sprinkle, and that’s if it’s for your second or third child, so it’s just a smaller version of a shower.

Some activities and games happen at this party. So, let’s come back to the features of a baby shower. Gift giving is a chance for friends and family to ensure that the mum-to-be has everything she’ll need to look after the new baby. Gifts often include clothing, blankets, toys, and even big-ticket items such as prams.

baby shower party

Games for the ‘baby shower.’

Every baby shower should have games so that the guests have a great time and laughter are the stars of the party. It is important, before preparing the games that will liven up the party, to take into account the following aspects:

  • Guests: the type of guests at the party. Suppose they will only be girls, with couples, with children, etc. 
  • Place: It will depend on the place chosen to celebrate the party that the games are of one style or another. That is if you celebrate outdoors, at home, or in a local park will involve different games. 

Budget: It will depend on the budget you want to spend on the party that the games are of one type or another. Anyway, calm down; think that there are many games to have fun with without spending money. 

The best gifts for a ‘baby shower.’

baby shower gifts

Suppose you choose to make a list of gifts for the baby shower. In that case, there are a number of basic products that should not be forgotten, such as hygiene products, clothing, or accessories for feeding the newborn.

The number of gift proposals on the list will depend on what has already been purchased and the number of guests since it is best to prioritize the most important gifts at a more intimate party. Diapers cannot be missing from this list, taking into account the baby’s needs as the months go by. Other essential baby shower gifts are those related to the hygiene and well-being of the baby: shampoos, oil, hairbrush, sunscreen, thermometer, or a hooded towel.

You can propose onesies, pyjamas, or t-shirts, which are items that will frequently stain among the clothes and accessories. We have the bibs, the nursing pillow, the rubber teethers, or the pacifiers for food and oral care. In addition, for the baby’s room, you can propose a crib, sheets, a changing table, or a rocking chair.

If someone invites you to one of these parties, and we do not know what to bring, here are some gift ideas:

A hammock or swing is a practical gift in which the baby will be comfortable and that he will use a lot during his first months of life.

An intercom, or a baby monitor, with which parents can see and hear, at all times, what the baby is doing.

Products for the bath, bathtub, clothes, and toys such as an activity blanket, their first stories, or a baby carrier are other interesting gifts.

Feel free to share your feeling about the baby shower and how would you love to spend the lovely day.

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