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‘Is it okay to shampoo baby’s hair every day?’ Easy Ways To Care For Your Baby’s Dandruff

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Easy Ways To Care For Your Baby’s Dandruff

As much as we wish they did, babies don’t come with a manual. There are so many questions that the parents of newborns have regarding the normal day-to-day life of their babies. However, there are some basics that every parent needs to remember.

Some of the most commonly asked questions are, ‘Is it okay to shampoo baby’s hair every day?’ or ‘How often should I wash my baby’s hair?’.

So, to answer the questions.

Is it okay to shampoo baby’s hair every day?

No, you must not shampoo your baby’s hair each day. Bathing or washing your baby’s hair every day can backfire the health of your baby’s skin and hair instead of benefitting them. It is highly problematic if you bath or shampoo them each day. Your baby’s skin and hair are incredibly delicate and sensitive, and washing them every day can harm their health.

How often should I shampoo my baby’s hair?

For most babies, it is recommended that they get hair washed only one to two times a week, and they should be bathed only four times a week and not more. Washing your baby’s hair every day can rip them off their natural oils and make their scalp dry. This may induce further hair problems for your baby.

How to maintain the health of your baby’s hair and scalp?

There are many effective and useful tips to keep your baby’s scalp and hair healthy and optimal. However, here are some that prove to be most helpful.

Use the right baby shampoo.

Choose a shampoo that gently nourishes and cleanses your baby’s scalp, and leaves them feeling soft and healthy. Below listed products are  great choices because it is enriched with natural and mild ingredients, such as almond oil, vitamin E, glycerine, and aloe vera gel.

Massage your baby’s hair before hair wash

Massaging your baby’s hair a few hours before washing them. This reduces the chance of your baby’s scalp getting dry post-wash. The quality of the hair also improves and the scalp remains healthy. Babies have different needs when it comes to their skin and hair. You must choose specialized baby products for them. The right baby shampoo and the right frequency of hair wash can ensure healthy hair and scalp for your baby and keep them at their best.

Dandruff is a common occurrence in babies. It can lead to even worse conditions if not treated on time including fungal infections. Thus, here are some natural ways in which you swoop dandruff away from your baby’s hair.

Natural remedies to get rid of dandruff from your baby’s hair

Use a neem comb

Neem combs are made from the wood of the neem tree, which has anti-bacterial properties that help in keeping dandruff away from your baby’s head. Regular combing of your baby’s hair with a neem comb helps in removing dandruff from their hair and also prevents it from reoccurring.

It is also helpful in preventing other scalp related conditions such as cradle cap, hair loss, fungal infection, and more. Brushing your baby’s hair before going to bed enhances their blood circulation and also boost hair growth. You can choose from below which is designed for all kinds of hair types and textures. It is ideal for to be used for the fragilescalp and hair of babies as well as it has broad bristles which pose no harm to your baby’s hair.

Massage with a baby oil

Dryness on the scalp is one of the reasons that causes dandruff in your baby’s hair. It can be dealt with regular massaging of your baby’s scalp with baby oil.

Use anti-dandruff shampoo

You can use regular shampoo for your baby that has anti-dandruff properties. However, if the problem does not go away, you can also switch to a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo for your baby to deal with dandruff effectively.

Apply aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel has moisturizing and anti-fungal properties that help in reducing and preventing dandruff from occurring on your baby’s head. It is also helpful in boosting hair growth and prevents other scalp infections as well.

Apply curd before shampoo

Curd is also moisturizing in nature and has anti-bacterial properties that do not allow dandruff to infect your baby’s sensitive scalp.

Consistent use of these natural remedies will help you in keeping your baby’s hair healthy and free from dandruff.

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