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Is it safe to use a neem comb for your baby’s hair? How to select a comb for your baby?

Combing your baby’s hair is not only about grooming them. It is also about encouraging good scalp health. Combing keeps the scalp stimulated, exfoliates the scalp skin, and treats the cradle cap. It also helps calm and comfort the baby. However, just like everything else, a baby needs, selecting a comb also requires special attention. Here are some advantages of combing and pointers to remember while selecting a comb for your little one.

baby neem comb

Why combing baby’s hair is important?

Combing your baby’s hair with the right type of comb, preferably wooden, has many advantages. Some of these include

  • Gentle removal of cradle cap
  • Detangling hair avoiding breakage
  • Loosening dirt and grime making it easier to clean hair
  • Even distribution of oil preventing dryness and hair fall, especially in babies who have a dry scalp.

How to select a comb for your baby?

All the benefits of combing can be achieved easily when you have the right comb. Even though your baby might have short hair at the moment, their hair will grow long in no time requiring you to make a quick decision about their comb. Here are some pointers to help you select the best comb for your little one.

Opt for a comb made from natural products like Neem, since it possesses antibacterial properties. Neem comb shown here are wooden neem comb is free from any kind of harmful chemicals which are usually used when a comb is manufactured.

Most baby combs come with a small handle even though adults have to use them. This makes using them difficult and cumbersome. A wooden comb has an ergonomically designed handle that is big enough to support a strong grip and can be used effortlessly.

Ensure that the bristles of the comb are spaced wide apart to help detangle hair naturally.

Select a comb that is smooth and does not have any sharp edges that would hurt your baby.

A comb should stimulate the baby’s scalp every time you comb their hair. It should have the right firmness to massage your baby’s scalp promoting oil production and even distribution of oil.

A baby’s hair is soft and fragile. That is why wooden combs are preferred for them. It has antibacterial properties that help get rid of dandruff and scalp eczema. With regular use, a natural product like a wooden neem comb helps loosen cradle cap and promotes a healthy baby scalp.

Neem comb is considered to be quite beneficial for hair health for both adults and babies. It helps in keeping your hair free from infections, fungal diseases, nourishes your hair, and also boosts hair growth. However, we all have our doubts when it comes to using anything on our babies, including a neem comb.

To free you from this dilemma, here are some questions answered for you about the usage of a neem comb for your baby’s hair.

Is it safe to use neem comb for your baby’s hair?

Yes, a neem comb can be used for your baby’s hair. The teeth and edges of the neem comb are broad and blunt. They pose no harm to the sensitive skin of your baby’s scalp. The comb also has anti-bacterial properties, which help in keeping dandruff, cradle cap, and other scalp infections away from your baby’s hair.

It feels quite gentle on the scalp of your baby, and its medicinal properties prevent hair and scalp diseases as well. It massages and stimulates your baby’s scalp and enhances the blood circulation on their scalp to boost hair growth. Regular use of neem comb also ensures that your baby’s hair remains lice-free because of its medicinal properties.

The soft and rounded teeth of the comb do not poke the gentle scalp of your baby and make hair combing a pleasant experience for your baby as well. Neem is believed to be a miracle tree because it has a lot of health benefits for us as well as babies.

Neem wood combs are readily available online and offline. You can buy Neem comb for yourself and your baby from below. These are Natural Neem Comb with Handle has gentle bristles which prevent any cuts, nicks, or friction. The comb helps in getting rid of dirt and unwanted particles from hair follicles and maintains the health of your baby as well. The handle enables you to have a good grip on the comb while combing.

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