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Positive Parenting Solutions:10 Ways to be a better parent for your baby


Introduction to Parenting

Everyone wants to be a good parent or want to excel in parenting. All parents want everything best for their babies. They want everything perfect and best like best food, best clothes, best pediatrician and everything best. They do all these because they want to be a good parent. In doing this, they also make lots of mistakes. No one is perfect; we are humans. We make lots of mistakes. Being a good parent of the baby is not very hard, but we have to be a little bit careful. If we have the correct knowledge, we can be good parents to the baby. So here are 10 tips that you follow to be a better parent for your baby.

Parenting: Interact more often with your baby

Generally, babies don’t talk properly. They babble after some time. When they begin to babble, they also want the people to talk back. So, every parent should talk to their babies, make silly sounds and noises, and sing. It is a very simple process but should not be ignored at all. Babies learn to talk only by listening. So, if you talk to them, make lovely noises, they will learn to talk faster.

Care them accordingly to their personalities

positive parenting

We people have different personalities. We also behave differently to different persons according to their personalities. Like adults, babies also have different personalities. They also behave differently. Some are very loud and active; some are lazy and quiet. Some are happy, and some are serious. We behave to people having different personalities differently; in the same way, we should also care or behave with babies differently having different personalities. If your baby is quiet and lazy, you should talk to them more, play with them, and do physical activities with them. If your baby is very active and loud, try to calm her when angry and loud.

Always keep an eye on them.

As the baby grows older, he starts to move on his own. He starts to roll over. He starts playing with toys or anything around her. While doing this, they can also get in trouble. They don’t know what is good or what is dangerous for him. They sometimes get injured while playing with any dangerous thing like a knife blade. They also swallow some toys while playing, which can be very dangerous for the baby. So always keep an eye on the activities of your baby.

Maintaining positive energy around them.

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It is very important to maintain positive energy around the baby. Babies learn what they see or hear. So, if he will see and hear positive things, he will learn good things. Maintaining positive around him is very important for the well being of the baby. Always talk positive and good things to the baby. Don’t see your anger or sadness in your baby. Always be happy around him. If you feel happy and positive, then your baby will also feel happy and positive.

Positive Parenting: Maintaining a good environment in the family

As stated above, babies learn what they see or hear. So, as a parent, you must maintain a good and happy environment in the family. No fights or anger issues in the family in front of the baby. It can create a very bad effect on the mind of the baby. So, try to maintain a happy environment in the family.


Food is the ultimate source of energy for the baby. It is important for the growth and well-being of the baby. Always give nutritious foods. Foods like bananas, avocados, breastmilk are good for the baby. You should consult your pediatrician to know which foods should be given in how much quantity of the baby’s overall growth and development.

Physical activities

Physical activities for babies do not mean some heavy exercise or gym that we adults do. Physical activities for babies generally mean movement or playing with toys. You should move your baby a little bit, play with them, take them out for a walk, let them play with the other babies. You should make your baby active rather than lazy. These activities play a very key role in the overall growth of the baby.

Good sleep

Good sleep is as important as food for the baby. Babies generally sleep 14 to 18 hours a day. Parents play a very important role in the good sleep of the baby. Give a comfortable bed and blanket to the baby. Don’t wake up the baby every time. You should keep the environment quiet around the baby when he is sleeping. Don’t make noises around him when he is sleeping.


Hygiene for babies is an essential thing to maintain in parenting. Maintaining good hygiene prevents many diseases. To maintain good hygiene, a parent must do many things like changing the diapers timely, giving a bath, cutting nails, and many more things. Parents should regularly check the diapers and should change timely. Giving a bath almost 2 to 3 times a week is also very important.

Keep in touch with your pediatrician.

Generally, we go to doctors when we are sick. We don’t go for regular check-ups, which is a very bad thing do. But in the case of your baby, you should not take any risk. You should always be in touch with the paediatrician. Always take your baby for a regular check-up. Regular check-ups result in detecting any problems or diseases very early. Paediatrician also advises about the food, sleep, medication and many more which benefits the baby.


Everyone cannot become a perfect parent and parenting can be tough. Becoming perfect in anything is a very hard job. But you can try becoming good at it. After reading all this, there is a chance that you make mistakes, but it’s to do so. The most important thing to be a better parent is to love your baby.

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