pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy Pillow : How and When to use? All you need to know

pregnancy pillow

It is essential to get adequate rest and sleep during pregnancy as it affects the health of your baby and yourself too. The belly size grows continuously, and also your body undergoes a lot of changes, and it may cause discomfort in your body as well. This is why using a pregnancy pillow provides relaxation and eases the pain and stress in your body and ensures optimal health of yourself and your baby as well.

When can you start using a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy?

In the initial weeks, you may not need to use a pregnancy pillow because the belly begins to grow post four months. After your belly size starts increasing, then you may feel the need to cushion your stomach in a comfortable and soft pillow. Around 18 to 20 weeks, it is appropriate to use a pregnancy pillow.

You can continue to use a pregnancy pillow even after your baby is born. It helps in providing a comfortable position when you are nursing your baby, and when you have to sleep after a tiring day.

There are a lot of things that you should keep in mind when you buy a pregnancy pillow. Here are few things to be considered while buying a pregnancy pillow for yourself.

Things to consider while purchasing a pregnancy pillow

1. It should be soft and have a velvety feel to it. The pillow should provide comfort to the whole body.

2. Choose the size that fits you perfectly.

3. The pillow you purchase should be light and fluffy.

4. The fabric should be soft and comforting.

5. It should be easy to carry around and be easy to maintain and wash. A pregnancy pillow can make your pregnancy so much more comfortable in a lot of ways.

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Role and benefits of pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow can also be used in the form of a nursing pillow when you are breastfeeding your baby. There are a lot of benefits that a pregnancy pillow can provide a nursing mother rather than just being helpful during pregnancy.

How does a pregnancy pillow help during nursing your baby?

1. It provides a comfortable position during breastfeeding.

A pregnancy pillow also acts as a nursing pillow for mothers who have to breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding in a particular position can make you feel uncomfortable, and you may need support to keep your body the way it should be during feeding. By using a pregnancy pillow, you can comfortably sit with support on your back and head and feed your baby lovingly.

2. It provides a stable laying down place for your baby while feeding.

The pregnancy pillow comes with a foldable handle, and you can fold it according to your comfort in a way that you can take the support of the handle to lay down your baby in a relaxed position and feed with your back and head relaxed, so that it is comforting for you and your little one too.

3. Prevention of body ache

When your body feels free from stress and is relaxed and comforted with the cushiony, soft, and velvety feel of the pregnancy pillow, there is no possibility that you will feel any kind of body ache or pain. The relaxed posture of your breastfeeding position will help relieve any pain or discomfort that you feel during the process.

These are some of the ways, in which a pregnancy pillow can help a mother during the time of nursing. It not only helps during the time of pregnancy but also when your child is born.

A pregnancy pillow gives you the comfort that your body needs when it is going through the journey of pregnancy. It provides a lot of benefits to your body, including more comfort, more relaxation, less stress and less pain. Here are some advantages associated with the use of a pregnancy pillow.

4. Gives support to the body

The shape of your body changes during the time of pregnancy. Your body needs more support so that there is no pain or discomfort for the expectant mothers, and it helps them to have a half fetal position, which is quite comfortable to sleep in.

5. Prevents body ache

The added weight of the body in the abdominal area, legs, back, stomach, hips, and other body parts can cause stress and pain in the body. When you use a pregnancy pillow, it absorbs the pain that your body feels and gives you comfort. The softness and cushion feel of the pregnancy pillow ensures that your body feels relaxed, and there is no pain at all.

6. Enhances blood circulation

It is highly recommended that pregnant women should use a pregnancy pillow as it enhances their blood circulation by providing appropriate support and also relieves pressure from the body. Doctors recommend that pregnant women should sleep on their left side as it helps the baby to develop optimally.

7. Helps you get a sound sleep

Discomfort is pretty common when you are pregnant and have a big belly to sleep with. However, if you use a good pregnancy pillow, it adds a cushiony feel to your body. The softness of the pillow helps you feel more relaxed and also ensures that your belly does not feel too much pressure which can be dangerous and uncomfortable as well. Having a pregnancy pillow during and even after delivering the baby can take off a lot of discomfort and pain and provide you with a sound and deep sleep.

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Is it safe for a new mother to use pregnancy pillow while feeding her new born?

The growing womb of the woman brings in a lot of happiness for her, and along with the good news, comes the undeniable change, stress, and pain that may cause difficulties as well during the pregnancy. Your body changes its size and you have to make a few adjustments to adapt to the way your body functions and feels during pregnancy. One of the ways to feel more relaxed and comforted during pregnancy is by using a pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy causes body ache and discomfort, which may disturb your sleep pattern and may make it difficult for you even to find one single relaxing position to sit and relax. This is where pregnancy pillows help. They help in providing the right kind of support that your body needs during this time. They have a soft and cushiony feel to them which eases the pain and tension in your body and absorbs the pressure your belly feels when you lay down.

Not just during pregnancy, even after pregnancy, once your child is born, it works as a nursing pillow. It helps you and your child get a comfortable position in which you can breastfeed your little one with your back getting the support it needs, and your child has a comfortable and soft spot to be fed at.

Are pregnancy pillows safe to be used while nursing?

Pregnancy pillows have skin-friendly fabric, a soft and absorbent feel to them, and are quite comfortable and portable to be carried around. They make the mother feel more warmth, and the baby also feels more comforted during the nursing process surrounded in a pregnancy pillow. They are entirely safe to be used and are quite helpful in easing the pain and making the mother and the baby feel relaxed.

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