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Pregnancy Tips: Here are 7 strategies to make labor easier for you

Giving birth is one of the most challenging things you will ever do. In fact, for most women, it will be the most challenging they will ever do in their life. Knowing how to make this challenge easy on your body and mind is critical.

pregnancy tips

Here are 7 strategies to make labor easier for you: 

Discuss the Process of Childbirth

Doing your research on the topic of childbirth is great. However, talking and discussing things with an experienced professional like your doctor is a completely different thing when compared to doing your research. 

A birthing plan should include various things like your physical condition, the position of the baby, whether you should take painkillers during the labor, who you want with you during labor, etc. A birthing plan can include anything you want to make your labor easier and smoother for you. 

Take a Childbirth Class

Mentally and physically strenuous for the body you should be finding the best childbirth classes in your area.  Preparing in advance is an excellent way to make sure the whole process goes smoothly. A childbirth class prepares parents for everything from water breaking to cutting the umbilical cord themselves. 

Keep a healthy lifestyle 

To make labour smoother and faster, you should be adequately rested, labour is an extremely strenuous and extracting process. You should be sleeping at least 7 hours or more every day.  Pregnant women need to keep their weight in check and do regular exercise. 150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity is what pregnant women should be aiming for. 

pregnancy tips

Eating dates 

Many studies over the years have shown that eating 60 to 80 grams of dates daily one month before the due date is one of the most beneficial and low effort things you can do to make the whole process less strenuous on your body.  Dates have a chemical compound that is similar to oxytocin, the hormone that is responsible for contractions. Dates also help dilate the cervix and help in making the process quick and effortless.

Ask for a Massage

Getting a massage in the lower back area can help reduce the pain sensation and help women going through labor.  The massage also has a psychological effect where the woman feels connected to her partner. 

Practice Breathing Properly

Breathing properly can make an extremely painful experience a lot less painful. Breathing helps in reducing pain and relaxing the body.  It can also help the woman push more efficiently. Proper breathing ensures that the body has enough oxygen and the mother does not pass out from a lack of oxygen amidst the labour pain. 

Distract Yourself Labour is a long process and the sheer exhaustion of it can do a number on the mother. Average labour can last between 8 to 18 hours. Listening to music, taking a shower or watching a movie is a great way to speed things up and make the process less strenuous for the mother.

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While pregnancy is a wonderful experience in a woman’s life, it does have its share of ups and downs. Being fearful and anxious about pregnancy is a common refrain among many women. Pregnancy brings along a lot of physical, emotional, and mental changes which can have a significant impact on increasing these fears and worries. But such fear is very normal to have and you can overcome them by following these six pregnancy tips.

Most feelings of fear during pregnancy are centered on the potential of harm to the baby such as accidentally rolling over the belly during sleep, miscarriage, premature birth, the baby’s stunted development, childbirth complications, labor-related issues, etc. Just remember that these are very common worries to have and you should simply relax and not be overly worried about them as long as your pregnancy is carrying along smoothly.

Let’s see some of the most useful and important pregnancy tips

  • Talking and discussing with your husband, friends, or family members about what is bothering you is an excellent way to get rid of pregnancy-related anxieties. Expressing yourself can not only help you gain insights but also allows you to vent your feelings and not keep them bottled up inside you.
  • Nothing beats fear like knowledge. So, go ahead and learn more about pregnancy and childbirth and you will realize it becomes easier for you to deal with your fear. You can tap into a variety of sources like your doctor, books, genuine websites, and forums on the internet, and antenatal classes to enhance your pregnancy-related knowledge.
  • Regular exercise and activities like yoga, meditation, reading, and music will help in reducing stress and anxiety and also keep your mind relaxed during pregnancy.
  • Learn and be aware of all childbirth and pain management options much before your due date as a lot of fear is due to negative thoughts about pain during labor and birthing complications. Being prepared will make you confident and help you get rid of such fear.
  • You should break down what you need during each stage of pregnancy and not just spend all your energy being stressed and scared about labor and delivery. This way you can easily deal with each pregnancy stage and any associated worries instead of getting consumed by fear and anxiety.
  • And last but not the least, imagine your baby and how good it will be to have him in your life rather than just staying stressed about pregnancy and labor.

So we hope you loved our pregnancy tips. Take care and Happy Pregnancy to you.

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