common skin problems post-delivery

The five most common postpartum skin woes and how to tackle them at home

Your hair and skin are likely to witness a lot of changes during and post-pregnancy. But the good news is that these changes are mostly temporary and with proper care, you can gain back the confidence and the glow you deserve. The pregnancy period is a roller-coaster of both physical and mental changes which may leave you struggling with skin issues.

common skin problems post-delivery

Some of the common skin problems post-delivery are as follows:

1. Acne

It is a common problem during pregnancy and is the result of high progesterone levels. The increased hormonal levels and resultant fluctuation can lead to a build-up of sebum, which when mixed with dead skin cells & dirt, can clog pores, causing breakouts.

Make sure to cleanse your face twice a day with a cleanser that suits your skin type. Use mild products such as Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus to nourish your skin. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and flush out the toxins from your body.

common skin problems post-delivery acne

2. Stretch marks

They are the result of your body growing faster than your skin, which causes the elastic fibers under the skin’s surface to break, causing stretch marks. Growing fast can lead to stretch marks, especially on your breasts and belly area. It is essential to keep weight gain in check and gain slowly as opposed to rapid spurts.

The key to deal with stretch marks is to avoid them right at the onset. As soon as you learn about your pregnancy, start applying olive oil or argan oil to the problem areas such as the breasts and belly. You can also try the products shown below which are enriched with shea butter, mango butter, and kokum that help the skin to stay hydrated and keep the skin moisturized, thus preventing stretch marks. Some forms of light exercises and yoga can also help you reduce stretch marks.

3. Hair Loss

The occurrence of this problem maybe during the post-delivery period. During pregnancy, hair fall slows down (thanks to the rise in hormone levels). Post-delivery, as the hormonal levels return to normal and the normal hair cycle resumes, you will go through the shedding phase. What may seem unusual is completely normal as this hair loss is temporary and you may see normal growth within 6-12 months post-delivery.

common skin problems post-delivery hair loss

Ensure to follow a rich nutritious diet that contains antioxidants as they help strengthen the roots. Wash your scalp with a gentle shampoo and condition them to avoid breakage. In case the condition worsens, consult your doctor as they may prescribe hair supplements to boost hair growth and prevent any further damage.

4. Melasma

Melasma is a common skin condition that results in dark and discolored patches on the skin. The significant changes in the oestrogen levels during pregnancy, especially during the 2nd and 3rd-trimester scan result in excessive production of oestrogen, which, in turn, can cause dark patches on your skin.

Anyone with Melasma should avoid constant exposure to the sun as it may exacerbate the dark spots. It is important to use a sunscreen lotion while going outside and pay close attention to the areas of the face which are most exposed to sunlight such as the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and lips. The condition will likely disappear around a year post-delivery with the spots on the face becoming less obvious.

5. Puffy eyes

Dark circles and puffy eyes are a result of hormonal changes and lack of sleep post-childbirth. The fatigue due to pregnancy and the retention of extra bodily fluids are the main reasons for those baggy eyes.

The puffiness is likely to disappear after a few weeks post-delivery. You can facilitate speedy recovery by applying a cold compress, cold tea bags, or chilled cucumbers to the required area several times a day.

Ways to manage skin problems

Take a look at some effective skincare techniques post-delivery

Top 5 Beauty Essentials

Congrats, your little one is finally here. But as you look after your baby 24/7, it doesn’t mean that your beauty routine should take a backseat completely.

With these mommy-friendly products, you can kiss that tired new mom look goodbye.

1.Essential oils for stretch marks

The occurrence of stretch marks is a common sight during pregnancy. With the right body oil, you can minimize the appearance of stretch marks post-birth. These oils should not be applied directly but be used along with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil. Some of the best essential oils for stretch marks include argan oil, lavender oil, pomegranate oil, bitter orange oil, and Neroli oil. To prevent any skin irritation and burning issues, mix around 15 to 20 drops of essential with an ounce of carrier oil. Apply over a small skin patch and work your way up depending upon your skin tolerance level.

2.Keep your lips nourished with a Natural lip balm

Applying a lip balm keeps your lips nourished and is safe enough for all those kisses to your newborn baby. Get your hands-on SLA & parabens-free lip balm. In case you have dry, weary or cracked lips, having a lip balm at hand is a must.

3. Dry shampoo for clean voluminous hair

You may experience hairball problems post-delivery as a result of hormonal changes in the body. To ensure better hair care, the use of a shampoo that is good for your scalp is essential. Bring home a dry shampoo to instantly refresh the hair, mask odor and add volume to your hair. Simply spray it on your hair, allow it to dry & work its magic on the scalp, and then you can remove it by combing out the residual shampoo flakes.

4.Eye repair cream for those tired puffy eyes

With your little one keeping, you awake late at night; you may suffer from tired parent eyes. To help you improve this condition, Eye repair creams come to the rescue. Most eye creams have hyaluronic acid as well as ceramics to help keep the skin smooth and prevent the appearance of any wrinkles and fine lines. Another ingredient present in such creams is niacinamide which helps reduce the redness and soreness of the eyes.

5.Moisturizing lotion for that long-lasting glow

And last but not least a moisturizing lotion to provide you with everlasting and continuous hydration benefits. They work to refine the skin’s texture while improving the fine lines and pores to make the skin appear smoother, softer, and re-energized.

As a new mom, we know that you need to be on your toes all the time to take care of your little one. But taking care of your own body is equally essential. With this list of beauty essentials, we hope that you get a head start on managing your skincare routine as well!

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