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Top 5 Benefits of Making Your Baby Wear Free Size Reusable Cloth Diapers

New parents remain in a dilemma when it comes to choosing between cloth diapers and disposables. Here are the answers to all your queries about cloth diapering that will help you decide better.

1. Why should I choose cloth diapers above disposable diapers?

There is not one but many reasons that give cloth diapers an advantage over disposable diapers. A few of them are:

The cotton fabric makes them soft and safe for the baby’s skin

They are environment friendly

Washable and reusable

Less costly

Environment friendly

Free of chemicals and fragrances

Minimize the risk of diaper rashes

2. Won’t cloth diapers cause diaper rash to my baby?

Cloth-diapered babies are at a lower risk of diaper rash as cloth diapers are free of chemicals like Sodium Polyacrylate that absorbs the wetness of your baby’s pee and poop. Parents don’t get to know about the soiled diaper because of which the baby remains in the soiled diapers for hours.

3. How often do I need to change the cloth diapers?

The free-size reusable diapers come with highly absorbent liners. Babies remain safely dry for about 3 – 4 hours and you can change the diapers after that. However, it is imperative to change a soiled diaper immediately.

4. Is it convenient to keep my baby in cloth diapers while going out?

Yes, it is. Carry two wet bags in your diaper bag while traveling with your baby; one for carrying 3-4 clean cloth diapers and the other to store the dirty diapers. You won’t need to worry about any mess as the free-size reusable cloth diapers are snug fit around your baby’s legs and waist so the moisture would neither spoil his legs or clothes nor would it stain your car seat.

Below listed products are Free Size Reusable Cloth Diapers with Inserts are as soft as cloth nappies and their antibacterial properties ensure that your baby doesn’t suffer from any rashes or allergies. Now that you know everything about cloth diapering, it will be easier for you to use cloth diapers for your munchkin. Happy diapering!

Top 5 Benefits of Making Your Baby Wear Free Size Reusable Cloth Diapers

Disposable diapers make your life hassle-free. Instead of cleaning up the baby’s big poopy messes, you can throw it in the garbage bin, and you are done. But disposable diapers are not only expensive, but they also create huge landfill waste. That is the reason why parents are now switching back to free-size reusable cloth diapers. But, being environment-friendly and easy on the pocket is not the only benefit of using free-size reusable cloth diapers, there are many more to enumerate.

Unlike disposable diapers, free-size reusable cloth diapers are completely safe for your baby’s soft skin as they are free of harmful chemicals such as chlorine, fragrances, or polyacrylate. If you feel that you won’t be able to take the extra load of washing and cleaning the diapers, you can opt for free-size reusable cloth diapers that come with natural inserts like Bamboo Charcoal inserts. These highly absorbent inserts are gentle on your baby’s soft skin. Packed with antibacterial properties, they keep your baby’s skin dry and safe from skin irritation or rashes. 

Made from breathable cotton fabric, the free-size reusable cloth diapers cause less skin irritation and rashes. To nullify the risk of such skin problems and infections, many cloth diaper manufacturers are using organic cotton that is free of harsh chemicals and pesticides for their diapers.

In free-size reusable cloth diapers, babies feel the wetness against their skin whenever a potty accident happens. This leads to early potty training for babies. Whereas, infants who wear disposable diapers remain unaware of their wet diapers as disposable diapers absorb the wetness of your baby’s pee and poop.

Using free-size reusable cloth diapers will increase the laundry load for you but it will also save you money. Washable and reusable, the cloth diapers will need only an initial investment from your side. Armed with an adjustable snap closure system, the free-size reusable cloth diapers can be adjusted for your newborn and your 1-year-old as well.

The biggest benefit of using cloth diapers is that they are environment friendly. The cloth diapers can be washed, reused, and can be stored for the next child. To conclude, we can safely say that free size reusable cloth diapers are economical, environment-friendly, and completely safe for babies

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