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Toys for toddlers : How to choose the right toys?

kids toys


Toddlers like the idea of exploring by doing things for themselves. Play, therefore, allows toddlers to develop and practice new skills. This is where toys come in. They provide your toddler with play tools that significantly shape their physical, mental, and cognitive development.

Beware, though; not just any toy will do. It will help if you choose toys that are both appropriate and safe for your toddler. Is that an easy task? Perhaps. However, it will surprise you how many parents get their toy choices wrong and buy toys that the toddler sooner ignores. In worse scenarios, the toys you bring home endanger your toddlers.

Does the choice of toys matter?

Yes, the choice of the toys for your toddler matters. There is usually a large array of different toys in the stores, specially made for toddlers. Being able to tell and make the right choice is critical. Which of the many you will find is long-lasting? Which one will better engage your child’s interest? 

Overall, as a parent, you must look at some factors to choose and buy the appropriate and safe toys for your toddler. If they are to help enhance your toddler’s overall and all-around development in language, thinking, cognitive and emotional skills, etc. Here is your guide to choosing toys for your toddler.

Choose multiple-use toys

Toddlers love to do accomplish several tasks using the same tools. They like to pull apart, put back, add on, build on and pile up stuff, all with the same play material. It would help if you, therefore, chose for your Toddler ‘open-use toys’. The toddler can use these toys in various play formations and for different games. Plastic or interlocking wooden blocks are a good example. 

With the same blocks, the toddler can make a bridge, shape a zoo, and layout a road or spaceship. Toys of this kind help spark your toddler’s imagination and significantly develop their thinking and problem-solving abilities and a host of their cognitive skills. Examples of such toys include nesting blocks, interlocking blocks, sand and water play toys, etc.

Toys that grow with your toddler

Well, if you have ever bought a toy, chances are many you carry the experience of seeing it lie redundant after a couple of days or weeks. The child uses it for a while, and then progressively, he or she loses interest and abandons it. As you buy for your toddler his or set of toys, you do well to look out for those that remain useful at various child development stages. 

Toys that different-age children can use are better. A small plastic animal is a classic example. The younger toddler can use it to play ‘zoo’, while an older toddler can use it to role-play a made-up story. 

Support problem-solving and encourage exploration

kids toys

A major objective of supporting your toddler to engage in play is so that he or she can practice, develop and hone new skills. 

You need to get your toddler the kind of toys that challenge him or her to figure things independently or with just a little guidance. 

Such toys help the toddler to build strong logical skills and grow into persistent and avid problem solvers. In addition, such toys also inculcate in toddlers’ skills for spatial relations, namely, fitting things together. They also enhance their cognitive, coordination, and fine motor skills. Such toys include shape sorters, blocks, art materials such as clay, crayons or paint, etc.

That will spark your toddler’s imagination.

kids toys

Your toddler’s creativity is typically taking off by the time they clock their third year. At this point, he or she can play the role or part of another, say a queen or a king. The child can also imagine and use one thing to mean another related thing. For example, he or she can imagine a block to be a piece of cake or brick as a train. 

By this stage, you should buy toys that aid them in developing their own stories through pretend-play. It builds the child’s literacy and language skills, problem-solving skills, and sequencing ability (ability to order things logically). Such toys include toy foods, action figures, dress-up clothing, dollhouses, etc.

Toddler Toys that reflect and resemble the ‘real thing.’

Eventually, your toddler gets to a development stage where they are ready to figure out the functioning of real-world objects. For example, how the house Television, light switches, and gadgets work. They are now interested in playing with the ‘real things’, such as cellphones, because they want to be like you. Choose toys that develop their motor skills and teach spatial relations, such as Toy phones and musical instruments.

Educative’ get ready to read’ toys.

Well, your toddler will eventually start school at some point. Give them an upstart as much as possible by buying toys that help develop their early reading and writing skills. Such toys include crayons, books, alphabet letters, and markers, etc. You can also get for your child real-life kid’s magazines, catalogue, and menus. These can be fun for the kids and help them become familiar with text and letters.

Toys that encourage the toddler to be active.

kids toys

As they grow physically and mentally confident, toddlers start doing things that match their new attributes. Appreciate this evolution, and buy toys that facilitate and help your toddler practise physical skills besides developing new ones. Examples of such toys include tricycles, pull toys, balls of different sizes and shapes, gardening tools for digging, and moving boxes, etc.


Toys can significantly enhance your toddler’s physical, mental, and cognitive development as he or she grows. However, it would help if you choose toys appropriate to the child’s age and safe for the toddler’s health.

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