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baby sleeping bag

Are sleeping bag safe for babies?

A baby sleeping bag is a good option for putting your baby to sleep at night. Apart from maintaining a cozy and warm temperature for your baby to ensure comfortable sleep throughout the night, a sleeping bag also reduces the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This is because your baby’s head remains safely uncovered in a sleeping bag. SIDS can be described as an unexplained and sudden death of a baby. Though not much is known about SIDS, its chances increase when you use soft bedding, or if you put your baby to sleep on his tummy. Read on to know more about why sleeping bags are considered safe for your baby as compared to other beddings.

Why Should You Buy it?

Like a homey and snug nest, sleeping bags are as warm, safe, and comfortable as a mother’s embrace! You can use sleeping bags as a sleeping bed and as a baby carrier while traveling. To ensure the proper care of your baby’s delicate skin, sleeping bags are made with a soft and skin-friendly fabric. While the thick cushion provides complete comfort, the zippers, and armholes offer all-round protection to the little munchkins.

Sleeping bags are safer than other bedding and they have proved to be more helpful in preventing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Cute and cozy, these sleeping bags are specially designed to provide comfort and warmth to your baby. A baby sleeping bag is safe as it prevents your baby’s feet from getting stuck between cot bars. You don’t need to use any extra bedding like top sheets, blankets, duvets since it protects your baby from the cold and keeps him/her warm.

Unlike the blankets and sheets, your baby won’t be able to kick off the sleeping bag and won’t expose himself to cold. A sleeping bag nullifies the chances of suffocation as you don’t need to add top sheets or blankets that can wriggle. With time, the sleeping bag becomes a strong bedtime hint for your baby and helps you to set his sleep routine. Sleeping bags are lightweight and are easy to pack and carry. Sleeping bags provide proper support to your baby while you carry him around.

Most sleeping bags come with zippers to ensure the complete safety of your little one.The thick cushion of sleeping bags provides a cozy ambiance to your bundle of joy.

Sleeping bags are the safest bedding for newborn babies. Available in various togs according to the weight of your baby and the temperature of your room, sleeping bags can help you and your baby enjoy a happy and sound sleep throughout the night. Made from superior quality cotton fabric, Mylo Essentials Sleeping and Carry Bag is a great option when you’re looking for head-to-toe protection for your munchkin. It is skin-friendly and offers an extremely comfortable bedding for your little one. What more could a parent ask for!!

How to choose the right size?

Baby sleeping bags are an excellent alternative to regular sheets and blankets. They are a correct fit for your baby. Even prominent healthcare professionals advise that the safest option for your baby to sleep comfortably and peacefully is in a sleeping bag. They are wearable, which makes it easy for your baby to adapt to.

However, you must find the right size of a sleeping bag for your baby. The sole purpose of a sleeping bag is to make your baby feel snug and comfortable, and the right size of the sleeping bag for your baby ensures just the same. Here is how you can find the right size for your baby’s sleeping bag.

How to figure out your baby’s sleeping bag size?

Here are some pointers that will help you figure out the best size for your baby’s sleeping bag.

1. You can calculate the size of your baby’s sleeping bag by measuring the height of their body, excluding the head of your baby, while taking a 10 cm margin. The margin in the sleeping bag ensures that your baby does not refrain from moving and sleeps comfortably.

2. Other than the optimal length, it is also necessary to consider neck and armholes. The neck hole should not be too big to allow your baby to slide his head through it. You can consider the distance between your baby’s neck and the neckline and choose a bag effectively.

3. Your baby should be able to wriggle and kick freely in their sleeping bag. Ideally, it is recommended that you must choose a sleeping bag that allows your baby’s feet to be positioned at three fourth of the sleeping bag and has the room of a quarter for your baby to move freely.

4. Some toddlers feel comfortable with their feet tucked in their sleeping bags, and some do not. So, if you choose a sleeping bag without feet coverage, then the size should be measured from the neck to the abdominal area of your baby, excluding the legs as they will be pushed out from the leg holes anyway.

5 reasons why sleeping bag is advantageous for you and your baby?

Having a perfect environment when your baby dozes off can feel like a tough job. However, sleeping bags make it super easy. A sleeping bag is a kind of a wearable blanket that allows your baby to sleep soundly and covered. Here are some advantages associated with the use of sleeping bags.

Benefits of using a sleeping bag for your baby

Warm and Comfortable

Sleeping bags make for comfortable sleep for your baby. Unlike sheets and blankets, sleeping bags do not move, so there is no risk of suffocation or entanglement. Your baby stays warm and snuggled up when they sleep in the sleeping bag. Also, the sleeping bags are made of breathable fabric and soft material, which allow your baby to rest without any discomfort.


According to healthcare professionals, sleeping bags are much safer than blankets and sheets. Sheets and blankets get tangled and may slip too. This may cause your baby to feel suffocated and cause discomfort during their sleep. Thus, sleeping bags ensure that your baby sleeps without being exposed to any uncertain event.

Ease of movement

Sleeping bags provide enough room for your baby to move and wriggle as they sleep. Babies have the tendency to kick and stretch when they are asleep, and sleeping bags allow free movement and do not bind the baby in any way.


Wrapping your baby in a sleeping bag also allows you to easily take your baby from one place to another. During the winter months, your baby usually needs to be covered in layers while going outside. However, if you have a cozy sleeping bag, you can skip the layers and take your baby out in a sleeping bag.

Easy to use and no extra layers required.

Sleeping bags are easy to use. All you have to do is wrap your little one in the sleeping bag. You can make your baby wear comfortable clothes and don’t have to worry about them feeling cold as sleeping bags are very warm and cozy. They are easy to use, wash, and maintain.

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